Why Some Have To Stay Off Dairy Products?

I have seen a lot of people in my family having different reactions on food, some have issues eating heavy meat, some are not quite good on deep fried or oily food, some have issues with fruits like pineapple and my grandmother always used to get allergic reactions on things that use a lot of tomatoes or lemons while my cousin sister cannot eat anything that’s cooked with dairy products.

Coming out of a family like that, I think I have a lot of sense on how different people react to different food items. Sometimes the different allergic reactions that we once have leave us as we grow up, I remember I used to be so allergic to peanuts but not until two years ago when I accidentally ate a peanut bun, I realized that I wasn’t allergic to it anymore. In this content, I will refer more on why some people have to stay off dairy products. in simple terms I would say those who do will usually be the lot to undergo lactose intolerance treatment. Some people will be completely fine with all of these food items until they grow up and suddenly one day they realize some unusual body reaction and notice that they belong to this group of people who can no more nibble on dairy items. This is one of the most common digestive problems that can be seen around people due to the bodies’ inability to digest any food that has lactose in it.

Mostly this kind of a condition can result in diarrhoea, stomach cramps or swellings where as you will then have to seek bloating remedy and what not to get rid of those pains. If you are one of those people who are not supposed to eat milk products and when you do, depending on the amount of intake the symptoms could differ. If it’s a small amount, it could be a small cramp and if it’s a larger amount you could be having diarrhoea even for days until that completely goes out of your system.This could be due to an inherent problem coming down from family genes or it could be certain medications that you were going through that caused this to your body or it could possibly be that after a certain age the amount of lactose that your body could take in is over. Whatever the reason is, it’s very important that you see a general physician to see your possible remedies than being too late as it’s usually not curable and if you consult a doctor early, you might be able to find an easy way out. Click here for more info on bloating remedy.