Speeding Up Your Lifestyle

With so many things happening these days and everyone always on the go, it feels as though we get left behind when we take a moment to stop and smell the roses. For those who understand that always rushing brings on a host of health complications – good for you. For those who don’t have a choice or actually want to be a part of the rat race, here are some things you can do to speed up your life.

Meals on Wheels

Cooking is one activity that takes a very long time. Unfortunately, the healthier the dish, the longer it usually takes to put it together from scratch. The best way to speed up the process is to have quickie meals that fill you up and give you the nutrition you need. For breakfast, find smoothies, protein powder shakes, yoghurt drinks, chicken soup, juice or anything nutritious you can condense into liquid form. Whole grains and cereals may be healthy but they take time to prepare and eat; the above breakfast beverages can be gulped down on your way to work and will still fill you up.For lunch and dinner, have a delivery service and a few health conscious restaurants on your speed dial so that they will deliver to your desk without you having to worry about it. Click here for more info on protein powder.

Make sure that you get vital greens, some poultry or fish and a tiny bit of carbs like a slice of bread, pasta etc. Salad boxes, sandwiches, and fruit salads are a great way to reduce the time you spend on your meals.

Laundry Day

Doing a little bit of laundry every few days is a waste of time and money. If you have a washer dryer unit then save a load for a weekend and then put it all in while you get some other work done. Invest in an automatic washing machine that you can set the timer on, otherwise you will just be running back and forth trying to get more water in, stopping it, spinning it etc. Have a dryer because it takes more time to hang out the laundry to dry in the sun than for you to load the machine and set it to wash.

If you don’t have a washer or dryer, go find a laundromat that has lockable machines or ones which lock themselves until you pay in money. This way, you can dump your clothes and take off, get some errands done and come back in time to get your laundry. There is no sense in waiting around. Take the extra effort to find one that is secure, even if it means going out of your way because you will save more time in the end by not having to hand around guarding your underwear.


When Your Voice Gets Caught In Your Throat

For most of us viral infections are a common thing and losing your voice can be a blessing sometimes (especially when it comes to work). But when the voice does not come back even after the flu or the cold goes away, then you might need to get it checked first thing. Throat related and voice related diseases that are of serious nature are kind of rare but it is best to get any issues as early on as possible to prevent any problems to your larynx and esophagus.

The making of your voice

The voice box, or anatomy wise known as the larynx, is the organ that produces the voice that comes out of you. It is located right at the top of your windpipe (anatomy word: trachea) and is made up of two tissue bands/ rows of tissues that are known as vocal cords. When you breathe in, these vocal cords/ bands move apart to let air pass into your body and into the lungs (hence why your vocal cords get affected when you smoke). But when you are speaking the bands come together and has a narrow gap that air passes through. This causes vibrations on the cords which leads to production of a sound which comes out of your mouth as your voice. Apart from making sounds that are unique to you, the larynx is also the stop point for anything foreign going down from your mouth.

What is laryngoscopy?

A laryngoscopy is performed on your throat by an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist), and there are three separate kinds that can be performed depending on the diagnosis by the throatscope Australia. The first is the indirect, second is fiber optic or flexible and the third is the direct. Indirect laryngoscopy is the most basic procedure that can be done by basic medical supplies and only needs a small mirror (telescope) held to reflect the back of your throat. A small penlight will be aimed to assist with lighting effects to let the specialist see better on your throat and the larynx, hypopharynx (the bottom of the pharynx and marks the start of the trachea and esophagus) and the vocal cords will be examined. This method if only used with teens and adults as it requires you to keep your mouth open and gagging may ensue because of the telescope. When you initially feel your throat and esophagus not working properly, book an appointment with your closest ENT specialist to get your throat checked. Usually a general physician can do this examination as well (and they might), or they will refer you to a specialist.


Modern Orthopedic Techniques To Fix Knee Joints

The knee is made up of different bones and tissues which need to function properly in order to keep the joint fluid and mobile. This joint has four ligament tissues, including the anterior cruciate ligament which is in the center of a knee joint. It helps to hold the bones in place and in case it is twisted much it can be severely damaged. As this ligament does not fix by itself, it would mean reconstruction surgery to fix such a condition.

The serious knee problem
Just as anterior hip replacement surgeon Sydney you would need reconstructive surgery for your knee in case you have damaged ACL in a way that limits normal physical activities. Normal movement of the knee is vital for one to execute normal functions and to be mobile. Usually an orthopedic specialist will examine the extent of injury that has occurred. If surgery is not required, then non invasive treatment is done.

Different surgery techniques for knee issues
In case, ACL injury is severe and invasive surgery is required to reconstruct the same three kinds of surgery techniques are common. Depending on the exact nature of the injury, there are possibilities of open surgery or Arthroscopy as well as a combination of both techniques. An ACL reconstruction surgeon will choose the procedure, depending on the nature of injury or reconstruction required. In case of knee replacement surgery Sydney that can be treated by Arthroscopy surgery, it is a less invasive technique than open surgery. A small incision in made and a drill is used to cut and make a hole in the bone so that ACL can be accessed. In open surgery technique the surgeon will make an incision to access the torn tissues directly in order to repair or replace the same. Sometimes both techniques need to be sued in order to repair the knee.

A reconstructive knee surgery conducted successfully consists of a new ACL being inserted and secured in place. The new tissue might be artificial or human. The surgeon will replace the damaged fibers with new fibers. These are secured to the knee joint bones. The operated part needs to be immobilized in order to allow healing to be completed. The healing process takes long as circulation is poor in this area. However, with the right kind of medical supervision and rehabilitation, many people are able to get back to a normal life after undergoing such a surgery. One can consult an orthopedic specialty clinic in their area to find experienced surgeons who have performed such surgeries before.